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文學中的凱爾特聖樹:謝默斯・悉尼的 The God in the Tree: Early Irish Nature Poetry



最近接觸到諾貝爾文學獎得主謝默斯・悉尼的一篇散文,篇名即為:《The God in the Tree: Early Irish Nature Poetry》。其中收錄了許多以樹為題的詩,包括從愛爾蘭語翻成英文的詩。


The bush leafy oak tree
is highest in the wood,
the forking shooting hazel
has nests of hazel-nut.

The alder is my darling,
all thornless in the gap,
some milk fo human kindness
coursing in its sap.

The blackthorn is a jaggy creel
stippled with dark sloes,
green watercress is thatch on wells
where the drinking blackbird goes.

Sweetest of the leafy stalks,
the vetches strew the pathway,
the oyster-grass is my delight
and the wild strawberry.

Ever-generous apple-trees
rain big showers when shaken;
scarlet berries clot like blood
on mountain rowan.

Briars curl in sideways,
arch a stickle back,
draw blood, and curl up innocent
to sneak the next attack.

The yew tree in each churchyard
wraps night in its dark hood.
Ivy is a shadowy
genius of the wood.

Holly rears its windbreak,
a door in winter’s face;
life-blood on a spear-shaft
darkens the grain of ash.

Birch tree, smooth and blessed,
delicious to the breeze,
high twigs plait and crown it
the queen of trees.

The aspen pales
and whispers, hesitates;
a thousand frightened scuts
race in its leaves.

But what disturbs me
more than anything
is an oak rod, always
testing it thong.


謝莫斯接著列了許多對愛爾蘭自然大作文章的作家們,如Robin Flower、Kuno Meyer、K.H. Jackson、Gerard Murphy等等,不但研究愛爾蘭文學中的自然,更是研究愛爾蘭語中的自然,與古老的凱爾特文化連結又更貼近一些。

2 comments on “文學中的凱爾特聖樹:謝默斯・悉尼的 The God in the Tree: Early Irish Nature Poetry

  1. Many thanks! I like you idea about “nature/naturalness in language” [愛爾蘭語中的自然]. There is a lot to think about in that!


    • Thanks, Simon. Yes, thanks to the studies done by great writers – they’ve let us peek into languages two degrees away.


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