Oracle Reading

Feeling stuck or need clarity? Receive guidance and healing from the universe, spirit guides, and earth energies.

Soul Realignment

Bridge the gap between who you are and who you’re meant to be with a Soul Realignment Akashic Records reading.

Community Services

Receive distant reiki as informal community service from a reiki II student. Help reiki energy flow and go around our community.

Before you seek spiritual services

Spiritual services are meant to empower you.
Do these services help you feel stronger? Or more dependent?
Before you seek spiritual services, talk to yourself and ask:

1. What is it that I want to hear?

2. What if I’m the one who can tell me what I need to hear?

3. If myself is the support I need, what is it that I need from a spiritual service?

This way,
spiritual services enhance and not take away our inner authority and lift each other up.

The earth and the sky supports you.