About Melissa

I am here to witness you and lift you up. Together, we deepen our connection with the sacred.

I believe in sacred nature and a higher power, and that they make us both softer and stronger. I believe we are here to experience human lives on Earth.

I’m bilingual Taiwanese, a Human Design Reflector, and a follower of Irish pagan beliefs follower. What has led and aided me in my spiritual journey is the passion for communicating ideas between different cultures, languages, and disciplines.

3 continents, 2 languages, 1 spiritual path

Born in the U.S., raised in Taiwan, and now back to the U.S., I am Taiwanese and Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) is my native language. After first leaving home, I explored many spiritual and pagan paths of different cultures, and became strongly drawn to Ireland and Celtic pagan spirituality.

I started with Chinese writings about earth-based spirituality and Irish paganism. Now, I continue to write and create while stepping up to offer readings, spiritual guidance, and healing for our planet and communities.