Reading share: The Celtic Tree Oracle and Earth Warriors Oracle

Using oracle cards to test intentions for learning reiki II.

Months after my reiki I initiation, I was getting ready for reiki II. Although I had planned this for the mid-long term, I wasn’t taking this decision lightly and had to reflect on why and if I should still be doing this. I drew some cards to confirm my path and commitment, first using The Celtic Tree Oracle, then the Earth Warriors Oracle.

This is what I got: the oghams koad (grove) and ailim (silver fir), and Chakana and Uluka Vahini.

Query: Should I take the upcoming reiki II class?

Query: What preparation is needed before the class?

Query: What commitment and conviction do I need in regard to the outer world?

Query: What commitment and conviction do I need in regard to the inner world?

Reading share: The Celtic Tree Oracle and Earth Warriors Oracle

Koad to me immediately confirms a teaching and learning place, a classroom, and the sharing and passing down of knowledge. So, it was a clear message there. It also speaks of not losing the forest for the tree, so the cons I’ve listed in my head are part of the process and not a reason to reject the entire journey.

Uluka Vahini speaks of hope and justice, of my image of reiki as an empowering, grass root type of tool. I need to stick with the commitment to use this to serve, not just in the general healing aspect, but also for me personally, to learn to give to the community directly, individual to individual, something I have not grown up experiencing a lot, whether through volunteering or other community service. This is an ask of reiki. It will keep me going when I lose faith, and also keep my ego and self consciousness out of the way. How can you learn if not taking action?How does transformation happen, if not through action? The external, worldly aspect of this is to let money flow and circulate, let it drive ripples of change, and to not hoard and stagnate.

Ailim is to continue planning for life after the second degree attunement. This will put me in the next stage in my life, and I won’t be able to undo any changes. My actions will have new implications and consequences, and I won’t be thinking about the same things from the same perspectives as before. What am I going to do with this new status? This is the question to be prepared for, along with the time juggling I’ll need to do with other new commitments.

Chakana is a threshold where once you pass, you cannot return. It is not time to linger, but time to discover how my mindset can expand. Internally I have to let go of my ego and join the stream of healers, light workers and such that are weaving the web and creating change. Internally, the fear of being ridiculed, the questioning of reiki, the worry about validity, the sunken costs, they all have to be accepted, because a way is not valid because it’s free of impediments. A way is valid when there are obstructions. So, I need to be ready to cross the threshold.

These four cards come together so beautifully. It’s the reflection and conversation I need to make a deliberate decision.

A cute synchronicity is that I delayed registering for the class so much, and when I reached out to my teacher, he said, you will be able to help more people. And that tied everything together.

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