Loved at Urban Air Market Hayes Valley

Nous savons: stone and metal jewelry with interesting jewel-eye-bowtie arrangement, and cashmere scarves in skin-colored hues decorated with flashes of red and pure white.

Amy Rose Moore: a hard-to-come-by fantastical take on the San Francisco skyline, bringing together realistic animals sketches, quirky characters and absurd city sights.

T S I Love You: sturdy handmade round hats inspired by the 20’s cloches –– for the explorers in action and dreamers at heart.

hanhny: each clothing is a thoughtful piece with its own structure, silhouette, hand-painted artwork, and an underlying statement on nature and spirit.

Alchemy + Ink: the chunky, hardcore quarts jewelry-wear are eye-grabbing, but don’t miss the designer’s interesting organic doodles of mushrooms blooming like flowers.

Azil Boutique: it was druzy everything this time. You’re sparkle more than anyone under the sun.

Musettes: Musettes makes no-nonsense, unisex merino wool gears such as helmet cap, wrist warmers and neck collars that are thin and minimal –– with a cheerful motherly touch only if you meet the designers in person.

Gorgeous inside: this white is an earthy, grounding heavens. Find all things feathery crochet and sturdy fabric from cactus statues to oversized dreamcatchers and canvas bags, all with the ethereal touch of flowing thoughts and spirits.

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