Her face burst into a smile, like a flower melting outwards in slow motion. That’s how her expression changes, always steady and calm, but would surprise you how wide her smile can be. When she’s in focus, her pointed brows and mouth stands out. Her full bangs are heavy and still. Her grey and pink checker jacket looks so clean-cut and professional. But when she sees you and calls your name so happily, her hair and jacket flows softly, revealing the laid back little girl that she really is.

“I miss you so much!" She tried to make a frowning, crying face, but it just made her narrow eyes squint together but mouth still in a laughing shape. This is her signature funny little show.

After catching up for an hour, I commented, “It feels like at this age around 30, we’re all changing and becoming opposite of who we were before."

She paused and looks at me funny, the way she always does when she’s thinking, “You are really a weird person! Well, big surprise!"

“I think you are. For me though, I’m still the same and changing less and less. I feel like this is the way I will always be, and more and more so."

We smirked and smiled at each other. It seems like the year goes by, and as we change, our differences bring us closer. She seem to always be the one who has a better idea why we are friends.



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