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Tea Cuisine

The long-standing Ten Ren tea brand now has chain restaurants serving tea-infused cuisine. Everything from veggies to pork ribs and dessert is cooked with ingredients such as green tea, black tea, tea seed oil, Pu-Erh, Oolong, and others.

The food is great! On the lighter side and tasty still.

Main course Green Tea Chicken with old Shaoxing wine appears modest but is very tasty. Side dish Tender Green Tea Tofu looks simpler than ever with tofu topped with edamame, black bean and chili but have layers of flavor. The Tea Flavored Wonton Soup is also plain-looking but deeply fulfilling.

Their noodles are vegetarian and really quite vegetarian, and a little plain. But they do look good and  I’d like to try their Rice with Savory Mushroom and Green Tea some time.

Surprisingly, the Jade Black Tea Chocolate Mousse and Black Milk Tea has their characters but not that flavorful or yummy. I’d come again to enjoy their set menu.  

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