The Day is long

Finally, a 9-5 sleep. 9pm to 5am, that is!

My best record is 6:30-8am, but the day is long and there are lots to talk about, many to meet and much to do. After my morning nap the day was spent in headache, sleepiness and slight nausea again.

Getting together with high school friends is one of the most natural, stress-free reunion I can ask for. Everyone gawked when I said I’m taking the bus home. Everyone offered me a ride. I’m handicapped here.

I went to 7-Eleven and printed out the score of Poulenc’s flute and piano sonata. (I spent minutes at the printing machine trying to figure out how it works. Oh, all I needed to do was tell the staff I wanted to print a document.) The piano is dusty and untuned but Mom smiled and took photos of me like it was 1992 in the Corvallis garage again.




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