A welcome to all

Whether you’re interested in spirituality, druidry, or thoughts of an Asian pagan, we probably have something in common.

Reiki and card reading

I hope to soon offer community service distance reiki and oracle card reading.

Nature Spirituality podcast

Podcast? Glorified voice recordings of me reading from other’s great work that inspires connection with nature.

Translation and writing

I write in Traditional Chinese about mythic Ireland travels, Celtic paganism, druidry, and spirituality.

My spiritual path crosses 2 languages and 3 continents

I am a Taiwanese exploring nature spirituality with my Chinese heritage and a Celtic Soul.

I started this blog writing in Traditional Chinese about earth-based spirituality, and my fascination with Celtic paganism and Irish myths. Now, also balancing all that with being outdoors and learning about trees and nature.

My dream is to translate Irish fairy faith folklore, druidry teachings and writings of the loric Irish landscape (such as Patricia Monaghan‘s) into Chinese. Also, to incorporate them into my healing and card reading practices.

What do you think?

About Me

I’m Melissa, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In two languages, here’s more about me.

My identities

  • Taiwanese, Chinese.Sagittarius, Reflector (of Human Design).She/her.Student of druidry (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) and reiki.witch.writer, translator, illustrator

If you want to read one thing…

Read my favorite essay, Across Two Seas to the Burren, Ireland