Brunching earth and grass

Reveille Coffee Company (North Beach)

The Belgian waffle sends a lush scent reminiscent of a golden grains farm. It smells wonderful but with a weird, earthy element I am alien to. The texture is light and crispy, and that weird earthy element continues as a slightly salty taste which, altogether, isn’t all that comforting. Cometh the maple syrup –– and a delicious marriage is revealed. It’s just perfect. Don’t judge things and people at their first sight: they might entice lovely chemical reaction with their surroundings.

The Leaves of Grass tea is a stately pairing to the grounding yet airy Belgian waffle. The peppermint is not dominating, and its trio dance with tarragon and lemon verbena brings you closer to the grassy ground instead of to the tabletop height of potted herbs and flowers.

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