“To the Indispensable One" by Shiraishi Kazuhumi






Title: To the Indispensable One (Hokanaranu Hito He)
Author: Shiraishi Kazuhumi (白石一文)

Original Language: Japanese
Originally Published: 2009

“Akio (明生) . Be like a man, and stick through this alone."

“Soon you will discover, nothing in life is ever a big deal. We survive by betraying ourselves until we die."

The future “me" will always betray the past “me."

He thought this was the ideal marriage.

He thought this was the ideal rebellion.

He thought he couldn’t stand loneliness.

He thought he’d never fall for her.

I thought I’d never accept such a broken reality in my real life. But the novel is real life. We’ll change and betray our past selves to keep going on.


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