Celtic Soul

4 Drinks per meal

In the beginning, there was only one drink. It’s for after dessert. There was no milk tea option, so I ordered a raspberry yogurt sawa. Sounds good.

But after ordering, he asked for a glass of red wine for each of us. Gosh, you have bottles at home! Why bother?

Then already, the first “course" was champagne. Yes, non-alcoholic champagne, bright and sweet and aromatic.

Then not even halfway through the meal, there comes shot glass of fresh lime sawa. The shot glass is always full. There’s pulp. Best drink so far.

After five courses and dessert, there’s my raspberry yogurt sara.

My brother said, let’s go home and open a riesling and watch a movie.

“I better get drunk. Otherwise, I’ll be so worried and frustrated about you, I’d have trouble sleeping ."


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