Celtic Soul

Mei Mei

Mei answered the phone.

“It’s Melissa. Do you remember me?"

‘(Sweetly) I, I don’t remember your voice, but I remember you.’

Mei shoved me a small bowl full of rice.

‘This is for you!’

“Take your bowl and eat with your brother!" Her mom is immune to Mei’s misleading actions disguised by her sweetness..

“Pop! Whoooosh!" Champagne began oozing and spilling out in the balcony.

Yang brought back the bottle and poured everyone drinks. Mei happily went to the balcony.

‘Use this!’  She picked up the mop two times taller than her.

“Do you need some water to mop?"

‘No, it’s already wet.’ Mop, mop. Mei got the job done without anyone noticing!




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