Pouring Windy Rain

It’s pouring in Taipei.

I’ve heard about the rain since arriving Taipei an hour ago, but only now I finally emerged from the underground to be witness the pouring rain. It’s a constant movement of silky blinds, powerfully stopping everything in motion, but also swiftly waving with the wind.

It’s amazing how people are exasperated and dealing with it just fine at the same time. Everyone complains about being wet all over, everyone’s shoes are drenched and skin begins to wrinkle. But they don’t seem to be really complaining. How do girls go to work and look nice everyday in this weather?

“They wear slippers. And change into heels at the office." “Oh so they wipe their feet with a towel they bring every rainy day too?" Probably it’s the same concept as jogging or biking to work in SF. Except that Taiwanese girls really need to dress nice and professional and office-lady for work.

I’ve been in California for too long. The stillness of people waiting for the bus in the open rain doesn’t make sense. As I stand in the wind, I know my feet and legs are getting wet immediately. But somehow I don’t feel it. I don’t feel like being drowned. I feel like being a part of it.




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