Warm Homecoming Car accident + Police station

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This is one of the warmest back to Taiwan welcome I can ask for. Upon leaving the Taoyuan airport garage, we had a minor accident when the car in front suddenly decided to back up and ran into us.

The driver got out of his car very soon. We weren’t sure what to do. The garage staff seemed good at this and, probably upon seeing our blank faces, advised either calling insurance company or, have an estimate at a body shop and have the person pay us back.

Seems like the first reasonable thing is to call the police, and it took a while for them to record the situation with photos and drawings of car positions. Then we went to the police station in the airport terminal. They gave us bottled water. We were bored while the police prepared paper work. The driver is chatty and friendly so we kept talking. He just came back from an architecture testing for Cathay at 東莞(Dongguan) and was going home to his wife and two kids. He had a 12 year relationship with his wife since college until they got married.
The police politely interrupted our chatting a few times to have us sign paper work. The whole event is very comical. The driver offered to get lunch together with his wife after we have an estimate for car repair. We felt sorry for him because his White Volvo had more damage than our car.
Everything is friendly, no rush, calm….. what a Taiwan experience.

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